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The End Times Manifesto



This is not a manifesto to put forth my views on eschatology. This is a manifesto of why the study of the End Times will be a major focus of this ministry. I will do an analysis of all the differing positions of the Book of Revelation and events contained therein such as The Rapture, The antichrist, The Millennium, and so forth. I have an entire bookshelf full of scholarly works on differing views along with parallel commentaries going verse to verse.

So why study the end times? For one, I believe that in the aftermath of The Left Behind series and post Y2K, there is need for clarity. The Left Behind series only presents one view which has become dominant in the church today. I want to make people aware of the different views so they can make up their own mind, interpret world events in light of their position, and communicate to each other on these views and events. Eventually I will create a forum on this site for discussion topics. And In time I will put forth the positions I lean toward.

But there is another reason I wish to make this an emphasis of my ministry; I believe we are living in a crucial time in the history of the church. Some of this is tied to the fact that I am a prepper. Preppers prepare for bad times and I believe that our generation is going to see some of the worst times in recent history globally in the form or natural disasters and man-made ones. We live under the threat of famines, epidemics, super volcanoes, tsunamis, nuclear disasters and war, and EMPs.

One of the greatest threats we see looming is a currency collapse globally. I do a lot of study in macroeconomics and I know experts who are predicting a 3-5 year window dollar collapse. In macroeconomics this is known as The Keynesian Endpoint. One way or another the US will default whether by inflation, deflation, orderly or collapse, It’s inevitable. It’s either going to be an orderly one with a lot of pain, or a domino effect  black swan event  resulting in an infrastructure collapse with all out chaos. The dollar is what keeps the electric grid running. If it collapsed everything collapses with it including all food chain supplies. Even the water treatment plants run off of computers and electrically dependent devices which would result in no water going to your faucet. This is the worst case scenario. Millions would starve to death. The rest would riot and move from place to place consuming and killing just to survive and the government would be unable to maintain order. If our government at its best, with the grid running, could barely help the people of New Orleans, which was only one city, what do you think would happened if the electricity, water, and food supply ceased in every city in this country?

A currency collapse could make this happen

An EMP could make this happen

Many natural disasters could make this happen

A pandemic could make this happen

If your neighbor and his wife and children are starving they will break into your home and kill in order to get what they need. This is the real zombie apocalypse. It has happened many times in history, yet never on such a large scale.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there and I have been piecing together many of them for years now. I have many theories I believe myself which will take the form of future blogs. But the major one I believe in basically involves factional groups within the Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, and The Bilderberg Group who are orchestrating a global collapse of the banking system in order to establish a one world currency, to result in either a one world government, or just more global governance. In fact the world already has a global currency called the SDR. Only world banks currently use it for large scale exchanges, but it is a stepping stone.

Much of what used to be considered conspiracy no longer is, and it is being accepted more and more by the general public. This is mostly due to living in a world of mass media with more transparency and whistle blowers. Executive orders signed by the Obama administration like the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and The National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order 13603 make all of this blatantly obvious.

So you may ask what this has to do with this ministry? There is much evidence that these factional groups within these organizations find their origins in Satanic Cult Groups from the middle ages. Some of these groups have evolved into and influenced some of the secret fraternity clubs at Ivy League Universities which many of our presidents belonged to. The CFR, Trilateral, and Bilderbergs contain the top leaders of the world in virtually every major profession you can think of from the leaders of countries, world banks, military, legal, economic, agriculture, world health, education, entertainment and of course politics. These people control the direction of everything on this planet. Whether you take the eschological view of a single antichrist or one in the form of an organization-establishment, these leaders are no friends of Christianity.

I believe a wave of persecution is coming in the form of legislation on many fronts. Hate speech laws will make it illegal to preach out of the Bible against homosexuality or sin in general if it offends anyone. One way or another these leaders will get what they want. If we have a mild orderly default of our economic system then this will just be a process over an extended time period of legislation. But all evidence is pointing toward a global orchestrated collapse in order to seize power in many different ways. Make no mistake, these groups are Satanic, and one way or another, persecution is coming to America. That is why I want to make it a major focus of this ministry.

For many years I have felt that my calling on this earth is an apocalyptic one. Even if we never see Revelation type events in our lifetime we need to prepare the church such times. Our world is headed in that direction. I want to try and make this approach as non-sensationalist as possible. This ministry will be focused on these areas in relation:

•             Current global events in the news which point toward end time threats to the church

•             Identifying anti-christ type organizations and people, investigating origins of secret groups they belong to, and monitoring their activity

•             Ways to prepare for persecution

•             Ways to prepare for natural disasters or economic collapse

•             Prepping/survivalism/self sufficiency/permaculture

•             Creating a network of like-minded end time preppers to organize and communicate

This ministry has a battle theme, and that is because it is what I am called for. I fought on the front lines of Iraq and Afghanistan as an infantry soldier and have overcome a past with a lot of evil and darkness. My experience in wartime and the dark times I have been through have prepared me for this purpose. This ministry is meant to wage war against Satan’s kingdom in order to reach the lost and prepare the church. Much of the Church acts like we don’t have an enemy or treat Satan as a fictional character. He is The Enemy, and I intend on coming up with battle field tactics to wage war. We live in an information war for the truth, and Satan has mastered the art of counter-intelligence. We can use this same tactic against his kingdom. What we face is truly evil, and very evil times are coming. We need to wake up to what we face in the future, get out of our comfort zones and prepare.

Check back in the future for updates