Sex Trafficker Terrence “T-Rex” Yarbrough Sentenced For Horrific Crimes Against Multiple Women



According to the US Department of Justice:

“U.S. District Court Judge S. Thomas Anderson sentenced Terrence Yarbrough, aka “T-Rex,” 38, of Memphis, Tenn., to serve 536 months in prison, the Justice Department announced today.   A jury convicted Yarbrough on Dec. 5, 2012 of 10 counts of sex trafficking…”

It goes on to say:

“Today’s sentence of 536 months in prison ensures Terrence Yarbrough, a ruthless predator who inflicted unspeakable physical and emotional harm upon vulnerable young women, will be held accountable for his depraved acts”

Some of the horrific acts by this monster were stated in the article:

  • “One victim testified that Yarbrough forced her to engage in prostitution the entire time she was pregnant with his child and that he frequently beat her on the stomach when she did not want to comply with his demands.   He induced labor through a severe beating in her eighth month of pregnancy, during which time he also had her working as a prostitute in Tunica, Miss.  Yarbrough drove her back to Memphis, dropped her off at a hospital, and forced her to resume prostituting the day after her release.   At a later date, Yarbrough smashed her on the head with a lamp and kicked out her front teeth when she tried to stop prostituting for him.”

  • “Another victim testified that Yarbrough lured her into prostitution by promising to reunite her with their children, then beat her severely when she insisted on seeing them and refused to continue working, punching her in the face so hard that he broke three of her teeth.   On another occasion, he beat her knees with a metal pipe, causing injuries that continue to affect her.   She also testified that Yarbrough threatened to prostitute their nine-year-old daughter.”

  •  ”Yarbrough bragged about his beatings of some victims to other victims.   Jurors also saw the “T-Rex” logos Yarbrough tattooed on four separate victims, and heard that he claimed that they had been “branded” as his property.” 

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