My name is Daniel Bryan and I am the founder of Kingdom Warfare Ministries.

I’m a 34 year old veteran of the Army infantry 101st Airborne Division. I fought on the front lines of Iraq and Afghanistan while on active duty and left the service in 2011.

I have had a vision for ministry for many years now but have been training in the wilderness.

The ministry God has called me to is teaching Christians:

How to be “Soldiers of Christ” and how to wage Warfare as soldiers for “The Kingdom of God”

“Put On The Full Armor of God” Ephesians 6:11

“Wage The Good Warfare” 1 Timothy 1:18

“Share in suffering as a good soldier of Christ Jesus” 2 Timothy 2:3

I will use much of what I have learned in the army as a parallel to this. My vision is to unite allies to wage warfare against the lies of the world from Satan’s Kingdom, and to preach Christ to the nations. With the entire world on the internet this is now more possible than ever.

With every main category on this site there is a section entitled “News/Linked Articles” This is where I post articles from many of the ministries and organizations I follow. These sources I trust as allies of The Kingdom of God, but I do occasionally use secular news sources for stories.  I usually only post a picture, title, and a link to their site so I don’t take credit for their research or work. Every other sub category is reserved for articles which I will write from my own experience, wisdom, knowledge, revelation and research. I have a library of over 700 books in print on virtually every category I have on this site, except for the Kingdom Warfare category which will come from my own experience and what God has called me to teach. I want those to serve as the main articles for Kingdom Warfare of which I am currently writing a field manual book on. But they will also be for allies to use for warfare. If I don’t do it this way then my articles will get buried and lost under numerous news stories and linked articles which I post almost daily. The “News/Linked Articles” categories are for allies of this ministry and God’s Kingdom to post their articles and stories.

Full permission is given to post these articles around the web as long as credit is given by posting a link from my website, unless it is a linked article which came from another source. This ministry is going to be very tactical style, launching official operations and missions. For now though I have much work to be done.  All is in God’s timing.