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What if you woke up tomorrow and the world had changed?

What if there was an economic collapse?

Are you prepared financially?

Do you own gold or have items to use for barter?

What if there were food shortages?

Do you have food stored?

What if you were labeled a terrorist by your own government?

Could you make a final stand?

What if you had to run and survive out in the wild?

Do you have the skills?

The Survival Church Has Launched!

The Survival Church Trailer #1

The Survival Church Trailer

Posted by The Survival Church on Wednesday, June 22, 2016

   Kingdom Warfare Ministries has officially launched The Survival Church!

   Check it out!

Re-Launching Soon

A new division of Kingdom Warfare Ministries will be launching soon: This will be a major outlet of studio webcasting for video and podcast production. 


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